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Dagestan is a region in the Northern Caucasus of Russia that displays a diversity of styles due to a variety of ethnic groups living here. The name of this region translates as ‘land of the mountains’ and stems from both Turkic and Persian origin with the Turkic Dag meaning “mountain” and Stan from the Persian “land”. In Persian Islamic Mysticism, the city of Derbent, is where Simorgh, the Phoenix, lives and is the farthest point in the world that one can imagine.
It is here in this mountainous and cold landscape that this rug finds its home. Being a truly unique piece, breaking from the norm of style and color, it displays a soft palette of pale pink, soft purple and sky blue. In the corner there is a figure of a man as well as a signature, and the border has the repeated gul pattern. The octagonal patterns, which may house important concerns in the weavers life, have rams horns inside. The rams horns are a symbol of manhood and virility, strength and bravery. It could be interpreted that with the presence of the male figure in the corner that the weaver was wishing for these qualities in a future husband.